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Operating internationally?

Working across cultures can be taxing: is your team collaborating as best they can?

Making yourself understood is hard enough as it is, let alone if you do so in an international context. We get that. And misunderstandings are costly: in time, resources and goodwill. That's capital you cannot afford to waste.

Boost your team's performance with our experiential and innovative learning methods. Be it in developing interpersonal skills, 'Minding the cultural Gap', or any other skill you want to improve upon: we've got you covered. Our English-speaking actors and skillscoaches are aware of the context of international business and are trained to work cross culturally.

Short and sweet

Of course you'd like to see performance improving sooner rather than later. But where to find the time for development, when business demands are always more pressing? Time is of the essence, we get that, too. So we don't bother you with time constraints. A two-hour high impact workshop or a half hour inspiration session, delivered tomorrow? We will not only make it work, we will make it memorable.

Impact at executive level

Our executive level actors and skillscoaches cut to the chase: they engage with such realism that you are likely to mistake them for the real deal. Lessons learned translate directly to the workplace. That's high impact right there. It won't feel like hard work, either: our approach to learning is that it should be fun. And as a result, lessons learned stick even better.


Besides our expertise in training and development, we are actors first and foremost. And as such, we know our way around the stage to entertain and captivate an audience. Are you hosting a conference? Organising a kick-off event for a change program? Looking for a way to communicate your new policy in a fun and engaging manner? We'll help you develop your ideas, write the script if necessary and stage the performace in any format you desire.


  • We offer online training sessions and custom made workshops in the workplace.
  • We have a pool of more than 20 English-speaking actors.
  • We are based in the Netherlands, but work globally.
  • With over 20 years of experience, we know our trade.
  • We love to improvise; challenge us with your more over-the-top requests!

More information

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Dit zeggen klanten

Onze medewerkers moesten echt behoorlijk uit hun comfort zone, maar jullie 4 begeleiders hebben echt een veilige en inspirerende omgeving gecreëerd om dat toch echt wel te doen. Kortom: complimenten en een groot dank jullie wel!

Als je een goede afspraak hebt met Kapok hoef je je nergens meer zorgen over te maken. Ze weten precies wat ze doen en leveren prima kwaliteit.

De actrice geeft de deelnemers een veilig gevoel, waardoor zij zich ook vrij voelden om de rollenspelen te oefenen. Daarnaast geeft ze goede en duidelijke feedback. Dit is zeker een verrijking voor de training.


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